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Aesthetic LED Wall Mounted Mirror

Italian Trulli

See yourself in the sunshine!

Well, we all have imagined having a Pinterest-worthy LED wall mirror in our dressing room, haven’t we? The mighty mirror with lights and brights. No one can really go wrong with that pick! With changeable colors and an anti-fog switch, this light mirror is almost impossible to resist.

  • Premium quality - This simple and elegant cosmetic mirror has perfect lighting. This enables the best visibility and the most accurate mirror reflection. This will allow you to get your flawless makeup done in no time.
  • Controllable Brightness - The brightness of the mirror can be controlled with simply a touch button as per your need. The brightness also helps you with those aspects of the routine that requires more precision such as applying contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing. 
  • 3-color Changeable - There are 3 changeable light options available to you which is perfect for your requirement. So, pick your favorite and check your makeup from different angles and under different light conditions. 
  • Anti-fog Switch - The built-in anti-fogging feature of the mirror means that you do not need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog-free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower.
  • Energy-saving - The mirror power switch and anti-fog switch are separate control. Turn on the anti-fog switch when necessary, safe and energy-saving.
  • Installation - The installation of the mirror takes no time as you just have to mount it on the wall. It is perfect to be mounted in the bathroom. Not only will it lit up the place, but will also help you with grooming, dressing up and makeup. 
  • Sensor-switch - You can simply touch the round button for 3 seconds to change light intensity from normal to brightest. When the led mirror is powered off and restarted, the last use state is restored. The whole procedure is simple and will help you get your face routine done without any hustle. 


  • Mirror Size - 60x80 cm
  • Installation - Wall Hanging Mount
  • Mirror Shape - Rectangle
  • Power Driver - AC100-240V
  • Glass - 5mm thickness 
  • Material - Silver



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