Smart UV LED Lamp For Nails

Italian Trulli

Introducing our Smart UV LED Lamp for Nails. This product is a professional nail polish dryer, providing you a salon level nursing for not only your fingernail but also your toenail. This heater machine can also be used for drying all other nail gel.

UV LED lights to dry your nails in minutes. It's very easy to use, simple to operate, and fits both hands at once. Can be operated in 4 timing modes. Equipped with ice lamp for manicure, dying lamp gel varnish, and more features.


* Dry gel nail polish
* Uses UV light to dry the gel nail polish
* 36’s Peace’s of LED lights
* 4 modes of timer settings 10sec,30sec,60sec, and 99sec
* LED display screen for Timer
* won't affect your hand skin color
* Automatic on/off based on hand in/out position
* Removable base, easy to use and clean.
* Suitable for professional use or home use.