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Portable Steam Nail Gel Remover

Italian Trulli

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Introducing our Pro Nail Gel Remover a simple yet convenient, and easy to use nail equipment.

The combination of heat and steam helps soften the gel nail polish, lift and slide off the nails easily.

Suitable for all nails: One-time completion of five fingers. Ideal for removing various types of nail polish, acrylic nails, shellac, acrylic, and more. It can remove anything that is acetone-soluble, such as gel polish, nail polish, etc.  This machine has rubber gaskets, so there is no strong acetone solution smell. You just need to pour nail polish remover and insert hands into the nail steamer, no need for complicated operations, you can use it at home.  

Great for those people who need to remove the polishing gel and for professional people. Also suitable for both professional nail salons and personal home use.