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5 in 1 Pro Face cleansing brush

5-in-1 Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

5 in 1 multifunctional
Rolling massager to make better blood circumstances and prevent skin from aging
Soft brush to clean up all the scurf clings on the surface
Make-up sponge to massage and clean skin
Crude polish accessory to rip the rough skin and cutting off
Latex sponge -- soft latex for both eyes and face

1)Clean entire face and throat or other areas to be treated with mild cleaner using gentle circular strokes.
2)Attach the soft sponge applicator to the massager. Dip any beauty cream with water onto the sponge and dot forehead, cheeks, nose and chin or any other areas to be treated with correct amounts of cream.
3)Switch on the massager and work cream into skin by using firm, upward, circular strokes. There are 2 setting, low and high. Choose the one fit for you, Focus on face, low setting is recommended.

  • Designed to exfoliate and cleanse makeup, dirt, and oil from pores
  • Aims to leave the face cleaner
  • Can restore smooth skin
  • May exfoliate dead skin cell


How to Use
  • Wet the face
  • Move around the face in circular motions



Attachment including:

Soft brush → To clear up all the scruf clings on the surface.

Crude polish accessory → To rip the tough skin and cutin off

Latex soft sponge → To eye cheek massaging

Make-up sponge → To massage and clean your skin

Rolling massager → To make better blood circumstances from skin aging